Week 1:  Learning to Create and Prepare for an Easier, More Comfortable Birth, The Power of Words, Mindfulness for Peaceful Birthing, Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy, How the Mind Works; How Hypnosis Works, Confident, Fear Free Pregnancy, Hypnosis practice “Learning Self-Hypnosis” hypnosis script

Week 2:  Staying Healthy and Safe During Pregnancy, Healthy Diet, Belly Mapping, Pregnancy Exercises, Intro to Stages of Birthing Time, “Creating Anesthesia” hypnosis script

Week 3:  Your Birthing Choices, Your Choices during Pregnancy, Types of Medical Induction, Your Choices during Childbirth, Your Choices during Pushing, Getting What You Want in Your Birth Experience, Birth Preferences, “Hypnotic Childbirth #1” hypnosis script

Week 4:  Your Guess Date, Baby Engages in Your Pelvis, Signs of Your Birthing Time Beginning, Maintaining Comfort During Birthing Time, Release of Membranes, Timing Pressure Waves, Reminders for Your Early Birthing Time, Your Birthing Day, Internal Vaginal Exams, Using Your Hypnosis in the Moment, Preparation for Comfortable Pushing, “Hypnotic Childbirth #2” hypnosis script

Week 5:  One Centimeter an Hour?, Transformation Stage, Comfortable Mother-Directed Pushing, Mother-Directed Pushing Suggestions, Hypnobabies Technique Practice

Week 6:  Birth Rehearsal, Create a Postpartum Plan, Mother and Newborn Care, Newborn Procedures, Create a Newborn Baby Care Plan, Typical Newborn Characteristics, Breastfeeding Benefits Babies from Top to Bottom, 7 Ways Breastfeeding Benefits Mothers, Breastfeeding Overview, Overview of Maintenance Schedule


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