Because Hypnobabies is a fully comprehensive childbirth preparation course, there’s no need to take any other childbirth preparation course.  We have it covered!

Because Hypnobabies is all about retraining the mind to perceive birth as a safe, easy, and comfortable experience, we ask our students to not take any other classes while taking the Hypnobabies course.  Other courses teach “pain coping” and “pain management” techniques, and the language used in these other courses is counter to the Hypnobabies message.  Taking another course simultaneously can hinder a Hypnobabies student’s ability to retrain the mind to perceive birth in a positive way.

This is a six week course, with each class lasting 3 to 3.5 hours.  Prior to the first class, students are given two pre-class hypnosis tracks that they’re asked to alternate listening to daily, the week prior to beginning class.  These tracks help the students to begin deprogramming negative associations about childbirth, being learning deep hypnosis, give confidence in the ability to have an easier and more comfortable birth, and create a Special Safe Place where the Hypno-mom can go to feel safe, and to meet and spend time with her baby.  Students will be asked to bring pillows, blankets, a birth ball, or whatever they feel they need to make themselves comfortable for in class hypnosis practice each week.

Birth partners, are, of course, welcome, and encouraged.  Some women do not have a birth partner, or the birth partner may not be able to attend for various reasons.  This is ok!  Many women have successfully used the Hypnobabies program without having a birth partner present for class.

Students will be given:

  • A student workbook, containing the reading material for the course
  • A hypnosis script booklet
  • A Birth Partner/Quick Reference Guide
  • Weekly Handouts
  • Audio hypnosis tracks

Group Class

  • 3 Spaces Available per Class
  • See Class Calendar

Private Class

  • Class Held in Couple's Home
  • By Appointment Only


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