Thing I Wish They’d Told Me About Pregnancy # 2…Crazy Dreams

It’s your birthing time.  The last ten months have been leading up to this day.  Soon, you will have your adorable baby in your arms.  You feel a little extra umph behind those birthing waves.  It’s time to push!  You squat on the birth stool, the position that feels best for you.  You push as you feel the urge.  Your birth partner offers encouraging words and your doula offers you sips of juice.  Your midwife stands back and watches in awe as you dominate this birth.  It’s literally the birthing experience of your dreams. 

Your baby gently slips out into your waiting hands, and you bring that delicious, wet new life onto your chest without even looking down. 

“Congratulations!  It’s a kitten!” you hear your birth partner proclaim.

Say what?  You look down, and sure enough, a soft little kitten lies snuggled on your chest, umbilical cord intact, waiting of, course, until it’s flat and white before being cut.  You have just given birth to a kitten.

Your eyes fly open.  It was just a dream.  What a weird one!  It’s been happening a lot lately.  Sometimes they’re violent.  Sometimes they’re erotic. What’s up with that, anyway?

Strange pregnancy dreams are quite common, and the usual culprit, hormones, are likely to blame.  Increased hormone levels may lead to anxiety about the upcoming birth.  Anxiety and stress may be responsible for those scary or violent dreams.  Disrupted sleep from frequent bathroom trips during the night may also contribute to weird dreams as well. 

What about the erotic dreams?  Increased blood flow to the pelvis and pelvic organs may trigger those middle of the night sexual fantasies. 

If dreams are scary or disturbing, dream journaling may be helpful, as well as just talking to your partner or to a friend.  It should be noted, if the dreams are especially disturbing, it may be helpful to consult with a counselor to help put your mind at ease.

Though sometimes unsettling, crazy or vivid dreams in pregnancy are totally normal.  

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