Did You Know…You Don’t Have to Wear a Hospital Gown?!

You walk into OB triage, stopping intermittently to lean on your birth partner as you ride out waves.  This is it.  It’s your birthing time.  You will be meeting your baby soon. 

You enter the room and the nurse hands you a flimsy green gown, folded neatly into a square.  “Get completely undressed and slip into this,” she says. 

It has no back.  It’s sort of like putting on an ugly bathrobe backwards. You can either a.) leave the back side open, with your derriere exposed to the wind or b.) have your birth partner tie it on the side, so it sort-of covers your back side, but now feels like it’s being worn sideways. 

You could also choose option c and just say “No thanks.” 

Wait? You can do that?  Oh yes, my friends, you can do that!

You can wear whatever you want.  A stretchy dress or night gown can be pulled up to apply monitors, that is, if you choose to be monitored (but that’s another blog post!) and then the cords can run out the bottom…oh, kind of like they do for a hospital gown…except you’ll probably be more comfortable in your own dress or nightgown. 

There might be some push back.  Your friendly OB nurse might say something like, “You do realize you’ll probably ruin whatever you’re wearing, right?”  Then you’ll confidently reply, “Yep, but I prefer my own clothes, thanks.”

Or you could just wear nothing but your birthday suit.   

There you have it, friends. It’s that simple.  Wear what makes you comfortable during your birthing time.  It’s ok to say, “No thank you” to the hospital gown.

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