Thing I Wish They’d Told Me About Pregnancy #1…. GAS

Missed period?  Check. Double pink lines?  Check. Creative pregnancy announcement on social media? Check.  Gas? Unfortunately, check.  

It’s mid- morning and your pants are nearly cutting you in half.  You try to stifle a belch that rivals one of a frat boy during rush. How can your pants be this tight when you can barely choke down food?   It’s only first trimester. Maybe it’s twins! Or maybe it’s gas. 

We’re often told about the “pregnancy glow” or about women’s luxurious locks during pregnancy.  We see beautiful maternity photos or weekly bump shots, which glamorize pregnancy (as it should be!).  With social media, it may seem all other pregnant people are basking in the glory of creating new life, while you’re bloated and passing gas all day long.

You’re not alone, friends.  Gas is actually a very common complaint in pregnancy.  Progesterone, a hormone necessary to achieve and maintain pregnancy, can have some unappealing side effects.  Progesterone causes the intestines to relax and digestion to slow down, with the result being bloating and gas. 

You can help relieve some of your symptoms.  Eat smaller portions more frequently, rather than having larger meals.  This is more friendly to a sluggish digestive track. 

Slow down when you eat.  Sit down, chew, breathe.   

Cut back (or cut out!) carbonated beverages.  Stay hydrated instead with a sipper bottle of water.  

Lastly, move!  Light exercise, such as walking, after eating helps to keep gas from becoming trapped in the intestines, causing uncomfortable bloating. 

Gas isn’t glamorous, but it’s completely normal.  That pregnant Instagram influencer you follow? She’s probably honking like a tuba too. 

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